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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

We Got Brandy Karl

"She has experience in quantitative statistical analysis and qualitative analysis, and her research tasks have focused on everything from medieval clocks to nuclear weapons!" —and she's a graduate of MIT.

Brandy Karl is an up-and-coming lawyer in Boston who garnered the attention of the local business paper, the Boston Business Journal, in an article that described "blawgs" as lawyer musings that raise firm awareness for those lawyers who blog.
Time is a lawyer's most precious commodity, but some attorneys consider time spent on a blog or "blawg" -- what lawyers call a Web log devoted to legal topics -- a fair trade.

Only a relatively small number of local lawyers have picked up on the practice, but devotees swear by blawging's marketing power. Blawgers also say blogging, or Web logging, has the added benefit of forcing them to stay current on case law.

Brandy Karl, a newcomer copyright and business lawyer and litigator, has been blawging longer than she's been practicing law. Karl started her own practice in Boston last year, but her blawg dates back to her law school days at Boston University School of Law.
While at law school, Brandy wrote anonymously about her law school experiences at a creative blog she called a mad tea-party, a law blog with a creative theme based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which she described then as "a terribly hard to define admixture of my observations and interests (tinged with a good dose of humor and sarcasm -- or a terrible lack of discretion)." She was known to her readers only by her pseudonym, Alice, until she signed off last year with this post:
I don't believe I ever swore never to reveal my super-secret identity, but I was pretty sure I'd do no such thing. But here I am, about to do it. Why? I finally learned that being a lawyer doesn't have to hurt.

This wasn't something that came to me all at once. Rather, it took an entire post bar exam year to arrive to that marvelous conclusion. You can join me on my new personal blog to read all about it. But I'd like to introduce myself first!

Hi. I'm Brandy. I graduated from Boston University School of Law in 2004. The only thing that saved me from not leaving was my copyright course with Professor Wendy Gordon, who has an extraordinary intellect and is an even more amazing human being. I'm now a copyright attorney with my own practice (and IP & Business & ...). I'm the happiest lawyer I know. I really never thought that I could ever say I was a happy lawyer, much less the happiest.
Look for Blawg Review #54 at Brandy Karl's new law blog, bk!