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f/k/a ethicalEsq

It was interesting to read this week's Blawg Review #51, where George Wallace opened with a reference to the god Apollo's close connection to the law, as noted by Professor James Elkins.

The literary reference provides a nice segue to Blawg Review #52 and our next host, David Giacalone, a lawyer and poet of some repute a poet and lawyer of some repute, who is included in Professor Elkins' seminal piece on Lawyers and Poetry.
David A. Giacalone graduated from Harvard Law School in 1976 and is now retired (from a solo practice as an attorney and mediator). Giacalone spent over a decade in antitrust law at the Federal Trade Commission, before turning to family law. He currently lives in upstate New York. Giacalone's weblog -- f/k/a -- features haiku and law-related commentary (with the hope of interesting more lawyers in haiku).
David is a familiar old friend to many of us lawyers who blog—his alter-ego, Prof. Yabut, a bane to students unschooled in the law—yet he remains undiscovered to some who are new to the blawgosphere. No appreciation of this online world of lawyers, law students, law professors and pundits, writing about the law, their lives and loves, is complete without reading this anti-blogger's uniquely creative blawg, f/k/a___one-breath poetry & breathless punditry with haikuEsq, formerly known as ethicalEsq.

And, beyond poetry and punditry, his ethicalEsq Archives is probably the largest collection of client-oriented legal ethics materials on the Internet.

Giacalone's worked-up legal blog posts about contingency fees, lawyer advertising, and professional ethics, belie his retiring personality.

In the Blawg Review Awards 2005, David Giacalone's unique law blog won the award for Creative Law Blog, so we won't be surprised at all if Blawg Review #52 is one of the best yet.