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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Who let the blawgs out?

Biz Stone is the author of Who Let the Blogs Out? and Blogging. He helped start Xanga, then spent two years on the Blogger team at Google, and is currently part of Odeo. Genius.

In the introduction to the Blogging Glossary on page 227 of Who Let the Blogs Out?, Biz Stone observes, open-mindedly:
Like any revolutionary new form of communication, the blogging culture generates its fair share of jargon. Various terms mentioned throughout this book as well as a bunch of other strange or related terms have been included in this glossary for anyone hoping to blend in with the blogerati (noun).
Go ahead now, wordanistas, turn to page 228: "Blawg Noun. A blog primarily concerned with legal affairs; a blog written by a lawyer."

What the f/k/a! When did that happen? I was just getting used to blog! What the hell gives people the right to make up new words, anyway?

Enough of this bloggerel, David. You have a very creative weblog, and you're really good with words. You should write a blook.

Fact is, 'Blawg' use in law firms is on the rise. Lawyer Blawgs for Internet Marketing—

Update: A recent article in the Law Gazette adds, "As if to show that the legal profession can make up words with the best of them, law blogs are increasingly being called ‘blawgs’." Heh. The shark has jumped the pond.

Updated: Linguists Mark Liberman and Benjamin Zimmer each wrote thoughful posts on Language Log discussing the "portmanteau" or "sandwich word" blawg. Benjamin Zimmer discusses the phonology of blawg and blog.

Updated: Blawg is one of several blog-related terms in the Wikipedia list of blogging terms, noting that "Blogging, like any hobby, has developed something of a specialised vocabulary. The following is an attempt to explain a few of the more common phrases and words, including etymologies when not obvious."

Updating: So, who really let the blawgs out? Denise Howell Rick Klau Dennis Kennedy Todd Chatman Ernie the Attorney Tom Mighell Robert Unterberger Sherry Fowler Mike Cernovich Kevin Heller Merrick Lozano Matt Homann Neil Squillante Bill Gratch