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Not the Editor of Blawg Review

On January 6, 2007, the editor of Blawg Review answered several questions about himself here.

For the record, the following persons are not the anonymous Editor of Blawg Review:

Evan Schaeffer, Kevin Heller, Mike Cernovich, Howard Bashman, David Giacalone, David Lat, David Gulbransen, Matt Homann, Monica Bay, Lisa Stone, Jennifer Collins, Dennis Kennedy,
Eh Nonymous, Colin Samuels, Matt Barr, Ben Cowgill, Dan Hull, Diane Levin, Sheryl Sisk Schelin, Susan Cartier Liebel,
Jeremy Blachman, David Maister, Charlie Green or Edward Post.

If any other credible person or anonymous blogger would like to go on the record as not being the anonymous editor of Blawg Review, please send an email to editor at blawgreview dot com letting us know, and it will be noted here for the record.

In a recent post on Confused of Calcutta, JP Rangaswami wrote:
In many cultures identity is defined by what you stand for, what groups you belong to. Some of these groups may be based on simple things like geography or blood, but most such groupings are complex and form an integral part of identity.
JP Rangaswami is NOT the editor of Blawg Review, by the way.

Nor is William Gibson.

Updated May 17, 2008