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How to Blog Carnival

Walter Olson really gets it. An experienced blogger, the founding editor of the popular Overlawyered weblog often contributes one of his own posts to the weekly Blawg Review. More than that, though, Walter and his colleague Ted Frank really understand how to participate fully in the Blawg Review project.

Here's how Walter linked generously to other law blogs in connection with something of interest to his readers that he discovered in this week's excellent Blawg Review #40:
"Patent troll"

...made the American Dialect Society's list of "Words of the Year 2005" (PDF) (Jan. 6). For more on patent trolls, see our tech/IP page. Also: Patent Baristas, Jan. 4, and Peter Zura's 271 Patent Blog, Dec. 29 (both via Blawg Review #40 at Small Business Trends).
In this week's issue of Blawg Review, on Small Business Trends, Anita Campbell also picked up an Overlawyered post:
Class Actions Gone Wrong - Ted Frank at Overlawyered (great name!) foretells the story of the inevitable class action lawsuit that will be filed over the Oprah/James Frey brouhaha. His description of the how the class action will end is a sad commentary on the state of class action lawsuits these days: “… settling for 50-cent coupons, a donation of remaindered books to a “Books for Addicts” program, and a multi-million-dollar attorney fee.”
We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Walter and Ted for all their support and contributions to the success of this project. Not only for the big things, like their excellent presentation of Blawg Review #33 at Overlawyered, but for the little things like thoughfully linking to the presentations of Blawg Review prepared by other hosts.