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You Call That News?

Now that Underneath Their Robes, A3G's infamous blawg, is in protective custody, how are law bloggers keeping informed of the latest judicial news?

This just in, from the Newswire:

Judge Accused of Using 'Penis Pump' on Bench Wins Trial Delay

Remember when Article III Groupie would break a story like this?
UTR News and Views: August 23, 2004

With apologies for her extended absence--work flared up like a bad case of hemorrhoids--Article III Groupie welcomes you to "UTR News and Views." This new feature will provide brief squibs about noteworthy news developments, along with commentary from Article III Groupie. Because A3G is so far behind in her news monitoring and reader correspondence, some of the items in this inaugural "News and Views" post may be a little, um, dated. Going forward, however, A3G hopes to bring you the news in more timely fashion, through quasi-regular "News and Views" posts (perhaps on a weekly basis).

And now, here are the desultory news items that A3G has noticed and believes worthy of brief remark, even though they don't merit full-blown posts. She has divided these items into two categories: "Now That's What She Calls News!" and "You Call That News?"


You Call That News?

6. Speaking of less-than-honorable state court judges, Judge Donald Thompson, the Oklahoma jurist infamous for allegedly using a "penis pump" underneath his robe, is resigning effective September 1. In his letter of resignation, Judge Thompson stated that he "greatly enjoyed" his time on the bench. We're sure you did, Judge Thompson...
-- Article III Groupie