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Previewing Blawg Review #34

Phosita, one of the best-loved blawgs among business blog readers, has already been reviewed here on Blawg Review.

PHOSITA, an acronym for a "Person Having Ordinary Skill In The Art", is applied as a legal test in patent law. So, it's an interesting name for the intellectual property blog of Doug Sorocco, and others, of the law firm of Dunlap, Codding & Rogers, with offices in Oklahoma, Washington DC, and now, Ohio.

If you've been following Blawg Review lately, you've heard that the firm recently opened a new office in Ohio with Matt Buchanan, of counsel, who hooked up with Doug Sorocco at BlawgThink 2005 earlier this month. Before meeting in person, they were already collaborating on another blawg, Rethink(IP), along with Stephen Nipper, who pratices law with his own firm, in Idaho. Nipper will be getting involved with Blawg Review, himself, hosting at Rethink(IP) on Mar 13, 2006.

But, for Monday next, Blawg Review #34 is being hosted by Doug and Matt at Phosita. Are we clear now? To keep it simple, and get your best blawg posts and law blog recommendations in to the hosts of Blawg Review each week, just follow the easy Submission Guidelines.