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Previewing Blawg Review #33

Blawg Review #33 is hosted courtesy of Overlawyered, a blog that "explores an American legal system that too often turns litigation into a weapon against guilty and innocent alike, erodes individual responsibility, rewards sharp practice, enriches its participants at the public's expense, and resists even modest efforts at reform and accountability."

If you're a regular reader of law blogs, you probably already know that Overlawyered is the creation of Walter Olson, a long-time critic of the American tort system and a nemesis of many trial lawyers. It's also a frequent haunt of Ted Frank, a litigator with great personal experience and insight into the American legal system.

Walter is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a think tank in New York City, and the author of three books on the follies of our litigation system: The Litigation Explosion, The Excuse Factory, and most recently, The Rule of Lawyers.

Ted recently left private practice at O'Melveny & Myers to be Resident Fellow, and Director of the Liability Project, for the American Enterprise Institute.

With other writers of note who contribute thoughtful articles and participate in feature discussions, Walter and Ted write extensively about a range of legal issues at Point of Law, a web magazine sponsored by the Manhattan Institute and AEI Liability Project that brings together information and opinion on the U.S. litigation system.

Collaborating at Overlawyered, Walter and Ted compile information and anecdotes on torts and trials, travesties and tribulations, from the hilarious to the hair-raising. Their presentation of Blawg Review #33 is sure to live up to their reputations for sourcing interesting blog fodder, and offering insightful legal analysis and inciting commentary thereon.

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