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CotC @ Blawg Review

Carnival of the Capitalists, the blog carnival for business, recently celebrated its second anniversary. CotC founders Rob May and Jay Solo marked this achievement with two special editions, last week's at BusinessPundit and today's at Accidental Verbosity. And next week we're hosting Carnival of the Capitalists #107, here on the Blawg Review website, along with our very own Blawg Review #29.

"Heh," Professor Glenn Reynolds might say, "this should be interesting—lawyers hosting Carnival of the Capitalists." Trust us, it's been done before. Professor Bainbridge hosted CotC way back in '03. And another business law professor, Gordon Smith, hosted Carnival of the Capitalists twice; first at Conglomerate, where he blogs with other profs, and later on Law & Entrepreneurship News, where he blogs with his law students. A general counsel turned entrepreneur and small business consultant, Anita Campbell, hosted CotC in 2004 and 2005 on Small Business Trends, where she examines the forces driving small and midsize business. And recently, Douglas Sorocco put together a very impressive Carnvial of the Capitalists with legal bloggers from different law firms, Stephen Nipper and J. Matthew Buchanan, at their group blawg, Rethink(IP).

Lawyers have done it before, and they'll do it again.
"It's our natural environment, to read things on the Web, to read news stories, and to have something to say," said Ann Althouse, a law professor at the University of Wisconsin who posts her views at Compared with spending a year writing a law review article, she said, blogging is fun.
Watch for more lawyers having fun with Carnival of the Capitalists at Patent Baristas on January 23, 2006, and at PHOSITA on January 30, 2006. Heh, they had so much fun hosting Carnival of the Capitalists at Rethink(IP) a few weeks ago, they're rethinking it again on June 6, 2006. It's not too early for other business-minded lawyers to schedule a date to host Carnival of the Capitalists in the third and fourth quarters of '06.

Those of you who have already hosted Carnival of the Capitalists or Blawg Review might think this anonymous editor—promising to host two blog carnivals on the same day—has gone completely mad. That may be, but there's money in this madness. Carnival of the Capitalists, which often links posts of interest to the legally-minded, was the inspiration for Blawg Review. And there's a lot being written on blawgs these days that might be interesting to business owners and advisors—it's not free legal advice, mind you, but it's free—so you might as well stop by and check 'em out.

Join us here next Monday, when we'll celebrate two years of Carnival of the Capitalists with a law blogger's presentation of CotC plus a special "business law" issue of Blawg Review. It should be interesting.