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Previewing Blawg Review #26

Tom Mighell is Senior Counsel and Litigation Technology Support Coordinator with the firm of Cowles & Thompson in Dallas, Texas. Well beyond his jurisdiction, Tom Mighell is highly regarded as the publisher of the Internet Legal Research Weekly newsletter, as well as the Internet legal research weblog, Inter Alia, among other things.

Tom is a speaker and author on Internet and technology issues at national conferences, including the ABA Techshow 2005, as well as solo and small firm conferences. He also serves as a consultant to attorneys and small business owners on issues of Internet security, privacy, and computer maintenance. Even among those who know their way around the Internet, Tom Mighell's the go-to-guy for the latest tips and tricks for technology-assisted legal research.

Tom was recognized in 2004 at as one of the two Best Legal Blogging Experts, and Inter Alia was picked Runner-Up in the Best Overall Legal Blog category. Dennis Kennedy said it best:
I usually tell bloggers-to-be to look at Tom's blog to get a good idea of how to post quality content on a regular basis. Inter-Alia.Net provides a steady stream of useful information and Tom's generosity in mentioning the blogs of others is unparalleled.
We've been looking forward to Tom Mighell's Blawg Review #26 with much anticipation and high expectations. His "Blawg of the Day" is a regular feature that brings Tom's loyal readers back to Inter Alia day after day for links to the latest and greatest legal blogs.