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Previewing Blawg Review #25

It's been three weeks since Todd Chatman kicked off "back to law school" month at Blawg Wisdom and, now, he's back to wrap it up with Blawg Review #25, at the blog he calls ambivalent imbroglio.

Ambivalence describes "simultaneous conflicting feelings," from German, ambivalenz, coined in 1910 by German psychologist Eugen Bleuler (on model of equivalence, etc.) from Latin ambi- "both" + valentia "strength," from prp. of valere "be strong" (see valiant). A psychological term that by 1929 had taken on a broader literary and general sense. Ambivalent was first recorded 1916.

Imbroglio means a "confused entanglement" dating from 1750, from the Italian, imbroglio, from imbrogliare "confuse, tangle," from in- "in" + brogliare "embroil," probably from M.Fr. brouiller "confuse".

Feeling ambivalent about his imbroglio three years ago when he started blogging, he reached out to the blogosphere for direction:
So what to do now? Where to go from here? I'm something of an academic fugitive, on the run toward... what? Over the course of the next few days (and weeks?), I'll be trying to figure that out, although the process has already reached something of an advanced state. Right now, the options include law, library school, becoming a journalist/freelance writer, or heading off into the wild and wooly world of work with some non-profit like Vote Smart or Public Citizen. And the point here is that if you have any thoughts on any of this (academia, English as a profession, law, law school, libraries, becoming a librarian, library school, working for non-profits, these non-profits in particular, job searching and career changing more generally, etc.).... If you have any thoughts as this process continues, please do share by clicking the comment button below.
Over three years later, still no comments, but a lot has happened.