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Small Business Trends

Anita Campbell is a former General Counsel who now has her own consultancy and writes about the forces that drive small and midsize business on her weblog, Small Business Trends.

She really knows how to structure a blog post to announce the latest Blawg Review and other business blog carnivals. Take a look at this excellent post for an example of how a blogger generously gives some well-deserved link love to a Blawg Review host who did so much work to organize the best of the blogosphere and—looking out for her own readers—mentions one or two post reviews that might be of special interest, given the subject matter of her own blog. Now, that's providing something value-added for her blog readers—her perspective and personal recommendations.

Anita Campbell is scheduled to host her own Blawg Review early in 2006 on Small Business Trends, named as a Forbes Best of the Web in the category of Small Business Blogs. There we'll take our carnival of law bloggers on the road with prospective business clients.