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Previewing Blawg Review #17

The Greatest American Lawyer is hosting next. With that blog title, it's impossible to overstate the potential importance of this issue of Blawg Review. But you might be asking yourself, "Who is the greatest American lawyer?" So let's see what this guy's all about:
Graduated first in class. Federal clerkship. First real job at the largest specialty law firm of its kind in the world. Unispired working for huge corporations. Quit.

Worked for mass tort asbestos. Retired at age 32. Divorced. Felt catholic guilt. Gave wife everything and took all debt. Moved into fancy car. Drifted around the country in fancy car. Slept in the woods at rest stops and under bushes in fancy neighborhoods in big cities. Got married to wonderful blonde girl who used to date rich guy, but got distracted by nice car. Lived off wife's job as school teacher. Made lunches and hand delivered them to wife's school.

Tried case in Boston out of car trunk of nice car to 2$ million dollar verdict. Defendant goes bankrupt after verdict. Back living in nice car. Help friends start internet company, building TCPIP-based collaboration tools for hospital systems. Company folds when investors turn into idiots.

Have first son. Live in 18 places in the next year. Drift with wife and son. Eat every breakfast, lunch and dinner with family. Best years of my life. Have number two son. Friend of wife says"'he [that be me] can get a job in the city." End up getting job in city as a lawyer wearing shoes. Shave goatee.

Move to medium sized city from small tourist town on beach. Make partner in two years. Get tired of hourly billing model. Impossible to change the practice of law from within. Change strategies. Launch this blog site.
His weblog is described as "one anonymous lawyer's effort to change the way law is practiced one blog post at a time." Although he's anonymous for the purposes of his blawg—allowing him greater freedom of expression on the internet—he's personally engaged with other leading lawyers in a serious effort to change the way law is practiced in the real world. When he's not throwing a boomerang for the fun of it, he's tossing ideas around with other creative legal minds at LexThink! And putting the best of those ideas into practice in his own law firm.

If you're not already reading The Greatest American Lawyer at least weekly, this is an opportunity to take a good look and you'll probably agree that it's definitely a blawg to add to your blogroll.

Update 08/04/2005: Reflections of a Blog Review Host