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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Carnival of the Supremes

Carnival of the Vanities, the progenitor and most famous of all the blog carnivals, is presented today by the members of the Supreme Court of the United States, en banc.
Each of the nine Justices presents some of the submissions for this week's Carnival. No John G. Roberts -- maybe next year! Which Justice presents which post almost entirely depends on free association, no deeper, sinister meaning, so don't blame the Justice (or host) if your post is associated with someone whose judicial philosophy is not to your liking.
Each member of the Court issued a separate opinion: Justice Kennedy, Justice Souter, Justice Breyer, Justice Stevens, Chief Justice Rehnquist, Justice Thomas, Justice Ginsburg, Justice Scalia, and Justice O'Connor.

Justice Souter takes judicial notice of our little corner of the blogosphere in comments obiter dicta.
What would a Carnival MC'ed by the Supreme Court be without Blawg Review #15 hosted by George's Employment Blawg? I ask you!
This edition of Carnival of the Vanities, hosted at New World Man, is especially interesting to lawyers and everyone who is paying attention these days to the membership of the highest court in the land. How long before we see a Carnival of the Supremes?