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Stay of Execution

a blawg reviewed by Josh

I love Stay of Execution, a blog by Scheherazade (Sherry) Fowler, a “young lawyer, a sailor, an extrovert, and an insatiably curious woman living in Portland, Maine.” I came across her site (I think through Jeremy’s Weblog) shortly after I decided to go to law school, and I’ve been reading ever since, though I admit that from time to time I would think about deleting her. After all, sailing doesn’t interest me, and there aren’t many posts directly applicable to law school. I never followed through, though, and now I’m hooked.

Stay of Execution is great because it manages to connect with the reader so effortlessly. Sherry’s writing is full of personality. She seems thoughtful, confident, truthful… I admire her outgoing, easy way with people. I want my readers to feel like they know me.

Really, I don’t know why I have her in the “blawgs” section. Since I’ve been reading, the law-related posts have been scarce, and now that she has a blog focusing on her professional activities, I doubt that will change. Maybe I should make up a new category, but for now I’ll leave her in “blawgs", if for no other reason than to remind myself that it’s possible for lawyers to be such cool people. Something to aim for, I guess.