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Sentencing Law & Policy

a blawg reviewd by Mike Cernovich

By the way, happy birthday to Professor Berman's Sentencing Law & Policy, which turned one last week. Berman rarely sings his own praises (and, I guess when your blawg is as good as his is, there's no need to draw attention its author; the thing speaks for itself). So I'll do it.

Berman, a sentencing law expert, began blogging right as Blakely came down. Though there were many blawgs before his, few blawggers had his talent; and none had his timing. Indeed, if memory serves me, several state and federal judges cited to his Blakely-related commentary, making his blawg the first one cited in a published opinion. When he broke an exclusive story, the U.S. Supreme Court tipped its hat. Given that blogs are still avant-garde, those nods were doubly special.

If it's true that luck is the intersection of opportunity and ability, Berman is the luckiest blawgger. Happy Blawgday, and please, keep it up.