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Previewing Blawg Review #8

Mike Cernovich will host Blawg Review #8 at Crime & Federalism next Monday, so we'd like to give you a bit of a preview here.

A graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law, Mike served nine years in the National Guard and Army Reserves, where he graduated from Officer Candidate School and served as an Executive Officer at an aviation unit. His military record and academic background are impressive.

Mike has also studied trial advocacy under some of the greatest trial lawyers in the country; he graduated from Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers College Regional Seminar, and Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers College Advanced Regional Seminar, and he just passed the California Bar Exam. So he's well prepared. Don't let his easy going, friendly manner fool you—he'd love nothing more than to beat the shit out of you in court.

Long before Mike Cernovich started making a name for himself in the blawgosphere, he was familiar to many blog readers as Federalist No. 84, under which pseudonym he wrote a very helpful guest post titled "Turning a Blog Into Your Blawg: Fourteen Steps to Finding Your Voice in the Blawgosphere."

Mike started off as a solo blogger at Crime & Federalism before taking his own advice and adding a permanent co-blogger, Norm Pattis, an accomplished criminal defense and civil rights lawyer, and a writer. In a recent guest post on Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground titled "Weblogging with a Co-Blogger: Are You Ready to Take the Plunge?" he offered this advice to bloggers:
If you're familiar with your friend's writing, then blogging with him or her should be appropriate. You'll have a feel for your co-blogger's style and quirks. My permanent co-blogger, Norm, is a bit irreverent: his topic of choice is making hamburgers from sacred cows. Guest-blogger Sandefur is uber-cerebral, and his posts are generally long. Both styles differ from mine, but I'm glad to have them.

I had read their previous writings and thus knew what to expect. They're both tough-talking and controversial. Which is something someone who seeks to avoid controversy needs to know before the blogging relationship begins.
Mike says his favorite aspect of blogging is meeting people across the country. "Blawgging is like throwing a bottle with a note in it into the ocean. You never know who's going to find you, or who you’re going to meet."

If you'd like to get one of your recent blawg posts included in Blawg Review #8 on Crime & Federalism, get your submission in early this week. Mike is really looking forward to introducing some great law bloggers to his regular readers.