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Previewing Blawg Review #6

next week's host previewed by Evan Schaeffer

Can technology make trial lawyers better? That’s the promise of David Swanner’s South Carolina Trial Law Blog, which boasts this tagline: “Using Technology to be a Better Trial Lawyer.” There you’ll find useful trial tips, often from the perspective of a plaintiffs' lawyer, and helpful posts about practice management issues for all lawyers.

Dave is a plaintiffs' attorney in Myrtle Beach, who started his practice in 1994 straight out of law school. His practice is devoted to "personal injury and workers compensation cases." You can learn more about Dave and his practice on his "about" page. Did you know he was a qualified Hungarian and Arabic linguist for the Army, and was an interrogator in the Army for seven years before he went to law school?.

As a trial lawyer myself, I can personally attest that Dave really knows his stuff when it comes to technology and trial law. In fact, since Dave started his South Carolina Trial Law Blog, I’ve considered it a cousin to my own Illinois Trial Practice Weblog. I love pointing my readers his way—he always offers such good advice—so I keep a link to his weblog handy in my blogrolls. If you'd like a sample of Dave's advice, take a look at the guest post he wrote for Notes from the (Legal) Underground: Twelve Ways Technology Can Make You a Better Trial Lawyer, and visit his blog for more.

It seems you can always count on David Swanner for good stuff, so we're really looking forward to the next Blawg Review being hosted at his South Carolina Trial Law Blog. If you've written an interesting post recently that you'd like Dave to include in his review of the best and the bravest of the blawgosphere, just follow the submission guidelines and file your pleadings before the limitation period expires.