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What's up with Instapundit?

An anonymous host of Blawg Review writes:
What's up with Instapundit? He hasn't linked to any of your "Blawg Reviews." I sent him an e-mail a while ago. Why does he link to every carnival except the blawggers' carnival?
Some readers think they know what's up. Glenn Reynolds is the anonymous Editor 'n' Chef of Blawg Review, and he's just playing dumb.

There's evidence everywhere you look, they say. Even before the launch of Blawg Review, the Editor was gratuitously thanking Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, for his support. Talk about slipping the tongue. This is pretty sloppy when you think about it.
We'd like to thank Professor Bainbridge and Professor Reynolds, the Instapundit, in advance, for their help in nurturing this concept for the legal community that blawgs, as they have so generously for our carny brothers, Carnival of the Vanities and Carnival of the Capitalists.
But wait a sec, that doesn't prove anything. That could just as easily be evidence that Professor Bainbridge is the anonymous Editor 'n' Chef. After all, he's the one more likely to make such a clever allusion to culinary skillz. Hold on there, just a minute, wouldn't Professor Bainbridge have mentioned his wine blog? And there's no way Stephen Bainbridge would give Glenn Reynolds two links, and himself only one, in the same sentence. Nah. So, if Professor Bainbridge isn't the anonymous Editor 'n' Chef, who might be?

Now, because of all the ignoring, a lot of law bloggers are asking, "What's up with Instapundit?" He's a lawyer isn't he, a law professor, a card-carrying member of the profession? Yes, we know it's hard for our hosts to understand why he doesn't mention their Blawg Review—we're all flummoxed.

But let's be clear about one thing. Glenn Reynolds is not the anonymous Editor of Blawg Review. That's an official denial. But your Editor dares not protest too much, or point a finger in the direction of Professor Bainbridge because he, too, hasn't linked to Blawg Review. Who'd believe it?