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Hosts & Hostesses Wanted

We're going to be accused of being sexist around here if we don't soon have some women in law offer to host Blawg Review.

While we're very pleased with the overwhelming number of offers to host we've received from male lawyers, law students and law professors, we haven't figured out how we have failed to attract women from the legal fraternity community who blog: Bag and Baggage, Sua Sponte, MyShingle, Underneath Their Robes, Stay of Execution, and Blonde Justice, for example. If we overlooked mentioning you in this list, please send us an email demanding fair treatment and threatening to sue if you're not immediately added to our roster of Future Hosts.

We've run this by some lawyers, specialists in gender discrimination. They advise us that "Future Hosts" is sexist language, and that we might be breaking some laws if we don't appeal to women in language that makes it clear that this is an equal opportunity weblog. If we don't, they advise us, some might allege that this project is just another example of how men are conspiring to make it difficult for women's voices to be heard in the blogosphere.

Comments are open to women, too.