Blawg Review

It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

High Praise Honorable Mention

"Wow! Ok, I get the whole "Carnival" thing now," says Denise Howell in a rave review of Blawg Review. "The blawgosphere needed this. Hopefully it will be a vehicle for introducing the long tail of law bloggers to a diverse and dispersed readership."

Thanks to everyone who participated in Blawg Review #1, yesterday, at Notes from the (Legal) Underground. By all accounts it was very well received. At the time of this post, Blawg Review #1 was at the top of the 20 most popular items listed on Blawg Republic.

High praise for our project was given by Professor Ann Althouse, who doesn't like the word "blawg" much, but says she was "awed" by Evan Schaeffer's Blawg Review #1.

And, with a clever reach-around post titled "What I Should Have Submitted to Blawg Review" Professor Gordon Smith says, "The past few days have been so crazy that I didn't manage a submission in this inaugural posting, but Conglomerate will be hosting the Blawg Review next month, and we should be a regular participant."

It seems that all the excitement in the blawgosphere yesterday was totally missed by law professor Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, who did note for his readers that some Carnival of Canadians was up, and a new Carnival of Revolutions first issue was launched with posts about the democratization of the world. It must be difficult to keep one's eye on what's happening in the legal community these days, when one's sights are on dominating the whole world.

This might be sad, if it weren't so funny, says our next host, Ron Coleman, at Likelihood of Confusion, who points out the entertaining insanity of it all. A graduate cum laude of the school of quick wit and retort, Ron takes it all in stride, and pokes some fun at Professor Pundit.

If you want to get in on a very entertaining Blawg Review #2 (no pun intended) please get your best posts submitted this week, as soon as possible.